Simple And Natural Ways To Prevent Bugs

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Natural Ways To Prevent Bugs

Summer is the favorable season for bugs to infest the entire house. If your house is attacked by bugs which are really irritating, you need to follow certain prescribed Bugs control trick. Children freak out at the site of bugs at home, The bugs are found all over the house, even in the garden area and kitchen. Cleanliness can help a certain extent to control and eliminate bugs. Find out more tips to control them in the following write-up:

Cover drinks and food always: When you keep the food items covered, you do not have to worry about bug infestation. They do not enter into covered foods. When the food is kept open, wasps, flies, mosquitoes and other insects smell the fragrance and come swarming.

LED’s do not attract bugs: If you have bugs swarming particularly at night, it is best to choose LED bulbs. In a recent research, it has been proved that bugs are attracted due to the light model. Moreover, the research has proved that LED lights do not attract bugs. It is best to use environment-friendly lights like LED to keep bugs away from your home.

Citronella candles work effectively for bugs: Do you like the smell of citronella? Well, mosquitoes do not like the citrusy smell. It has proved in a research that one can reduce mosquitoes by using citronella candles. It is simple to make citronella candles. Try to watch an online video on how to make citronella candles and keep mosquitoes out of your home.

Keep your house neat and clean: Most ants and bugs love sweet stuff. If there is sticky stains or food matters on your chair or table or anywhere in the house, the bugs crawl to taste these foods. It is recommended to keep the house clean especially the kitchen area. This way, you can eliminate unwanted ant infestations.

Sweat attracts flies and mosquitoes: People having a sweaty skin should keep themselves clean and free from sweat. Though a sweaty person may not look attractive to others, they are liked by bugs. We have a tendency to leave out scents and hormones while sweating that attracts mosquitoes. It is best to take a shower, especially during the summer months. Keep the mosquitoes away by wearing cotton clothes.

Chopped onion to repel mosquitos: There is a popular old wife’s tale to prevent mosquito infestation. It is actually simple to do. You need to chop an onion and place it in water. Mosquitoes do not like the fragrance of onion. They feel unpleasant and move away. You can do this trick and place them in areas where mosquitoes are found.

Baby oil prevents mosquito bites: Mosquitos cannot breathe when they sit on the oil. It is best to use baby oil as it is gentle and safe to use for the entire family.

Use garlic: It is a common and natural bug repellent. You can place some flattened garlic cloves on the kitchen to prevent mosquitoes.

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