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Protecting your furniture from the different elements like pollutants, dust, hot liquids, etc. is an easy job if you use a good wax finish. Although there are plenty of products in the market that promise to protect, polish or feed, very few can do the job like wax. Renaissance wax is quite tough and has the ability to keep your furniture looking shiny and buffer for a longer period of time. This post will help you understand why many experts prefer to use wax to buff their furniture compared to other industrial products.

According to the experts in the furniture industry, every piece of furniture regardless of being an antique or not requires a coat of wax. Many people assume that oils like lemon oil also do the same job as wax. Although it offers sheen to the furniture, it is not exactly beneficial to the wood. This is why it is better to stick to wax if you plan on keeping your wooden furniture around for a long time.

You will come across aerosol spray cleaner specifically for wooden furniture in shops. However, these contain silicone and will run the wood later down the road. Any product that comes with silicone is a short term fix for a quick shine, but it doesn’t do much good in the long run. Many such products claim to reduce wax buildup. In fact, wax build up can be avoided easily by dusting your furniture with a damp cloth every six months rather than applying wax. So you really don’t need an industrial product to remove the wax buildup. It is just marketing gimmick to increase their sales.

If your furniture starts looking dull even after a good buff, it might be time to consider stripping down your furniture and applying a new coat of wax. This is done by using a wax remover product. All you need to do is dip a rag in the cleaner and rub the wood. You can apply a new coat of wax after 24 hours.

If your furniture already has a coat of finish penetrating oils, lacquer, varnish or polyurethane, you can still apply wax. It would be a better idea to purchase a high quality cabinet maker’s wax to be on the safe side. This particular type of wax is often used at woodworking stores. Interestingly, the arrival of liquid wax in stores has made it easier for home owners to apply wax to the hard to reach corners of their furniture like carved wood surfaces, chair legs or arms and so on. Regardless of what type of wax you use, you need to ensure that your furniture stays clear of any kind of dust, oil or grease to retain its shine for a long period of time.

There are only to mistakes anyone can actually make while applying wax. The first is either applying too much wax and the second one is buffing it out too soon. As long as you stay clear of these two issues, your furniture will be fine and will look fabulous.

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